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We deliver superpowers for primary healthcare

Instant access for patients
& evidence-based tools for professionals

Conversational AI for patients

Our "digital healthcare" -model delivers medical knowledge and access to primary care to everyone, anywhere. To date, our frontline AI has successfully treated over 30,000 interactions and solved over 90% of the queries automatically with high user engagement.

Triaged-AI for professionals

Our Triaged AI-tool delivers answers and evidence-based guidance for healthcare professionals, automates manual processes and promotes collegial interactions. It's a platform for innovation and is easy to implement anywhere as a cloud service.

MD as a service

Kuura Terveyspalvelut (Finland only) delivers virtual physicians with value-based pricing models. Our pioneer-MDs in digital health offer on-call services and digital appointments, as well as lifestyle interventions for public and private organizations.

Our trusted partners in innovation

Helsinki, Finland

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