Your Personal Guide to Health & Parenting

Dr. Kuura delivers adequate answers to your health and parenting related questions. She was created by doctors, engineers and scientists to deliver AI-powered healthcare for everyone.

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How does it work
& who is Dr. Kuura? 

Dr. Kuura is a "virtual pediatrician" (automated conversational agent) based on artificial intelligence. She is currently live & learning with hospitals and maternity clinics of the world's top healthcare system, Finland.  The AI system and knowledge of Dr. Kuura has been developed by experienced doctors and scientists using the latest advances in technology in order to deliver safe, personalized and responsive healthcare for everyone.

From uncertainity to personal insights

An example of a typical patient journey

Concerns and questions related to children's health or parenting

We're all confused with our newborns and seek for answers. Thousands of health related queries are entered into Google every second. However, as researchers have demonstrated, not nearly all information available on the web is reliable or good for the outcome.

Dr. Kuura, the private & responsive consultant

The AI backend of Dr Kuura has been designed around a doctor’s brain so it understands the concern and asks specifying questions similar to a consultation with a physician. Its familiar user interface is a combination of natural language processing, clinical expertise and a sense of humor, which creates an unique experience of a friendly informative conversation.

Answers & comfort that users love

The knowledge base of Dr. Kuura is based on the latest scientific evidence and up-to-date medical information, which ensures a convenient outcome for its users. Kuura is an ever learning machine that delivers insights, comfort and answers for everyone. All consultations are completely private and confidential.

Kuura for organizations

We are making healthcare easy for everyone and are helping various partners worldwide. Our platform helps improve health outcomes and the cost of delivery for payers by engaging customers to healthcare in a unique way.

Tell us about your business, and our experts will help you with development & deployment.

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Data insights & engagement

Simplify the way patients receive care and discover insights with data for better care, seamless user experiences, and effective collaboration. Connect with your patients to increase long-term value.

Plug n' play cloud services

Our AI platform and services are flexible and easily accessible through APIs, ready to be deployed in unique configurations. All our chatbots and AI can be easily embedded into any consumer offering.

Secure and practical AI + analytics

All our services are independent and secure. We’re at the forefront of information technology, and our practical AI approach enable unparalleled personalisation and analytics in healthcare.

Our team

We're a humble team of physicians, scientists and engineers with a shared vision to revolutionize healthcare delivery and practices. We founded Kuura Health in 2017 to transform healthcare through innovation and technology. We believe in a holistic & patient-centric approach in medicine with communication and follow-up in patients' natural language. 

Jani Tikkanen, MD, PhD
Samuli Asmala, MSc Tech.
Tuomo Oikarainen, MD, MSc Econ.
Tuomas Alasaarela, MD
Teemu Puutio, LLM
Markku Orispää, Developer
Tapani Alasaarela, DSc Tech.
Nina Jaakonmäki, MD
Markus Paananen, MD, PhD